Let Iman into Brooker Please.com

To my dear friends in Brooker,

I would love to be one of your dear friends in Brooker.

“You should let Iman into Brooker instead of me.”

Everyone else who applied to Brooker

“Let Iman into Brooker or you will be banished. Who owns religion?”

Laurie Patton, Middlebury College President

Iman is WFR certified. Like you, probably.

“What is wafer”

My dad, when referring to WFR (wilderness first responder).

“Just FYI

If you get any text or email. That reply to click. Don’t

This is virus or spam just delete or send to mama or me. Without clicking on anything”

My dad, text message, with original spacing. Jan 23, 10:32AM

Therefore, please let Iman into Brooker.

Love, Iman ❤

In all seriousness, I would love to join your community. You have built a very beautiful space that makes me feel at home.

Timestamp 1:14AM, 3/7/20.

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